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Welcome to POLCHIMET

FPHU POLCHIMET is a polish private company which provides services including selling and servicing garden, forest and municipal equipment. It also produces starters and adapters to the equipment mentioned above.

In its wide offer it offers: lawn mowers, mini tractors, trimmers and scythes, hedge shears, rippers, saws, sweepers, snow removal equipment, spare parts for equipment mentioned above and spare parts for tractors.

Multifunctional blade for lawn mower

Check our innovative solution which has 3 functions in 1 device. Tippable blades system makes you forget about mower damage and shaft flexure in case of meeting obstaclean obstacle. Check it now – universal pommel produced and patented by us…

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Sale of garden equipment.

In order to take care of your garden remember to buy proper equipment. POLCHIMET company in its wide offer provides services like selling reasonable sollutions and high quality products.   Everyday we try to improve our offer which will meet ...

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Garden equipment service

Years past, in addition to production and selling garden equipment we provide servicing lawn mowers. In our institution we do things like: oil change, sharpening and balancing lawn mower blades. Our services include warranty and post-warranty service.

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Blasting and sandblasting.

Blasting and sanblasting are being used in order to prevent corrosion formation or bring proper structure of material back. Buying modern blasting chamber let our company to perfectly prepare surface for sand painting.

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We are manufacturer of petrol lawn mowers pommel!

Why Polchimet?

We have got hundreds of happy clients

Contentment of our clients gives us huge satisfaction and motivates us for further work. From beggining of this company our main goal is to provide highest quality services and to have qualified staff. Because of happy clients we gain experience which we use in further work.

We have got huge experience

Years of work let us get huge experience in the subject of garden, forest and municipal equipment. We use it willingly to meet our customers’ requirements and to grow the company and serve more services. We do believe that connecting experience with tradition and modernity gives the best results

We are on the market since 1980

We believe that experience got through these years and tradition let us provide services on the highest level. Thanks confidence of our customers. Together we have been making history of POLCHIMET company since 1980.

We produce our own lawn mower blade

We have patented and produced universal work pommel. It connects three functions which make working in garden even more effective. This innovative solution attracts more and more happy clients.

We have our own lawn mowers service

Our own lawn mowers service helps us to cope with rising market requirements. We have been serving services connected with servicing lawn mowers for years.  In our institution we do things like: oil change, sharpening and balancing lawn mower blades.c

Buy a lawn mower with our work pammel

Instead of typical blade for lawn mowers - we do offer universal pommel produced by POLCHIMET company. It allows you to mow wet, thick and tall grass, water and aerate lawns, remove leaves or crush the branches

All of it in one device! Call us for details!

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