Sklep fiormowy - Polchimet Krosno - Sprzedaż kosiarek spalinowych

ul. Wyszyńskiego 4

38-440 Krosno

Pn-Pt: 8:00 - 16:00

Sobota: 8:00 - 13:00


In our offer we only have secure solutions and high quality products.


Assotment of POLCHIMET company is really wide. In the offer there is equipment like:
✓ lawn mowers
✓ mowing tractors
✓ trimmers
✓ petrol and electric scythes
✓ hedge shears
✓ micro-tractors
✓ rippers
✓ petrol and electric saws
✓ sweepers
✓ snow removing equipment
✓ spare parts for equipment mentioned above
✓ spare parts for tractors
✓ much more

In addition we offer selling universal work pommel produced and patented by us.


Stationary shop is placed in Krosno on Wyszyńskiego 4 Street.


You can buy our pommel on autions online – Allegro:


We are still trying to make our offer better due to rising standards of modern market. Our experience lets us to meet our customers’ requirements. Their happiness gives us satisfaction.

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