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Manufacture of work pommel

Are you thinking about buying ideal lawn mower blade?

Learn more about or universal work pommel and check 3 new functions in your lawn mower. Mowing even high and wet grass is not a problem.

You will collect and break up leaves in your garden fast and in not-complicated way by using universal work pommel.

Your lawn will green up and come to life by using function of cleaning and aeration.

Breaking up branches will help you to get rid of brunches cut off from shrubs and trees.


High quality, indestructibility and safety:

System of tilting knives will help you to secure our lawn mower from deflection of the shaft in case of meeting an obstacle.

Patent nr 213601 and research:

Our company invented and patented universal work pommel. Evidence of this is proper documentation and patent 213601 and research materials.


Reports on safety research:

Moreover, safety research have been done. There are reports about opinion of Przemysłowy Instytut Badań Maszyn Rolniczych and Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy.


How work pommel works (video):

If you still have doubts, watch this video which shows how every part of universal work pommel works.

Finally, ask yourself a question:

After reading information above it is worth to ask yourself a question if investing in new basic lawn mower blade is worth? Having universal work pommel makes your lawn mower safe from shaft deflection or other damage. Regular blade in contrast to our work pommel doesn’t have additional functions which makes working in garden nicer and faster.

Where can you buy our pommel?

Check out our allegro acutions – http://allegro.pl/listing/user/listing.php?us_id=4488126

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